My journey into photography took a rather unconventional path.
Following my stint as an assistant in Hamburg, I embarked on a different career alongside my passion for photography—I spent nearly a decade as an actor gracing theater stages and film sets across Germany.
Looking back, those years proved invaluable in honing my ability to understand and direct people in front of the camera.
In 2017, however, my affinity for photography blossomed, prompting me to refocus my efforts solely behind the lens. Beyond my daily job as a corporate and editorial photographer, I thrive on embarking on grand adventures and capturing moments in extreme conditions.
One such adventure was my project „Sailing Naked,“ where I sailed from Germany through Greenland to the Caribbean in 2019-2020. This journey culminated in „Cold Waters,“ a book documenting our expedition, available for order at coldwaters.de
Additionally, I am honored to be a member and photographer of the Adventure & Research Collective. In 2024, we are slated to traverse Greenland on foot as part of a scientific expedition—an endeavor I eagerly anticipate!

In pursuit of my adventurous endeavors, I’ve dedicated myself to honing a diverse set of skills over the past few years. Among these pursuits, I’ve pursued a Sport Boat License, the weapons proficiency test (§ 7 waffg.), numerous offshore safety trainings, crevasse rescue trainings.





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I am an ambassador for Fortis Swiss